About us

Who we are

Corporación e Inversiones MULTIPROYECTOS Salazar Trujillo S.A. is a company that has been in the Costa Rican and Central American market for 10 years, offering clients excellent service and high quality products. In 2006 Multiproyectos S.A. decided to make products en Costa Rica with LOCATION in San Diego de Tres Rios. The factory has been in constant operation for 3 years and is proudly Costa Rican. Multiproyectos has also worked with products from prestigious companies at the international level, including A.M. y M. of Colombia, serving clients in Latin America for more than 20 years.


Our mission is to offer excellent service. In addition to offering better service we also offer direct advice to our clients, including visits to the site, taking measurements and analyzing costs and benefits of the investment, ergonic and technical advice, post- sale service , price quotes for auctions, etc. We also offer our clients specific recommendations on a case by case basis.

Social Mission

Architectural professional services, enginnering and construction, design, building, sale and installation of metal structures, architectural construction, machines and metal products for construction. We use international products.

Bathroom partitions

We are a leading company in the construction of cabin style bathroom partitions for public restrooms. The partitions are made of stainless steel and galvinized metal sheets. We are known for our rapid installation and our modern space-saving design that is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Environmental commitment

We are a company that is committed to protecting the environment. We discard of our remains and waste in a responsible way.